Born in Bucharest, the capital of a country which belonged to the Eastern Bloc, the Romanian ex-model Anda Petrescu, had her first encounter with the modeling world at the age of 17 when she took part of «Miss Romania», rounding up among the 5 finalists. That event was the first exposure she had with the world of fashion, leading her into more than 20 years in that area of expertise. She started off by her own, roaming around and wound up in Istanbul. She was the first Romanian model that lead the way in Turkey; working two years with Nese Erberk, a renowned modeling agency. In Beirut she had the pleasure of working with Ellie Saab in the early days, not knowing he would become an international household name in the fashion world. Anda carried on her work in major cities including Milan, New York City, Cannes, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, etc. Although she traveled around a long time, the majority of her work was based in Mexico City, where she formed a beautiful family of three.

In 2004, Anda Petrescu decided to move to Monterrey where she carried out the title of an entrepreneur by launching her own modeling school. With that in mind, she realized that the fashion level in the northern Mexican Republic needed to be nurtured and brought up. For that exact reason, Blue Carpet came into the picture; a fashion platform where world-known fashion enthusiasts where invited such as designers, photographers and stylists. Blue Carpet’s first edition, which took place in October of 2011, included the presence of Alexandru Abagiu (L’oreal Paris), George Favios (Award-Winning Fashion Photographer) and three designers for the event’s fashion show. In 2012’s Blue Carpet second edition, Anda integrated one of her dearest «passions», charity contributions. With the thought of arranging her own charity foundation, she considered fusing two of her passions: fashion, which has taken over her life for more than twenty years, and the philanthropy idea which she has always wanted to be a part of, teaming up that year with «Nuevo Amanecer», a 30 year association offering rehabilitation therapies to kids that suffer of cerebral paralysis.

All in account, in 2012, different aspects came into play such as taking the role of a teacher in LCI, lecturer in TEC’s «Render» event, the face of 2013’s philanthropy foundation «Help through Fashion» and many more but the new project «Front Row» takes the spotlight. Front row is a television series where Anda debutes as host and producer, hoping that soon we see her in the screen.


Her most recent and anticipated project in which she has dedicated a big portion of her time in the last years, would be an international design center that accordingly would become the first private international school of design and architecture in the city of Bucharest. A ground plan that would merge her vocation as an architect with the skilled and long career in the fashion industry.