Born in Bucharest, the former Romanian model Anda Petrescu, had her first encounter with the modeling world at age 17 when she participated in “Miss Romania” rounding up among the 5 finalists. This experience introduced her to the fashion industry, where she has spent more than 20 years in her areas of expertise.

Anda started her modeling career with Nese Erberk, a renowned modeling agency in Istambul and was the first Romanian model to lead the way in Turkey. In Beirut she had the pleasure of working with Ellie Saab in the early days, not knowing he would become an international household name in fashion. Whether she spent many years traveling and had the opportunity to develop her career in major cities (such as Milan, New York City, Cannes, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires), most of her work took place in Mexico City, where she formed a beautiful family of three.

In 2004, Anda took the entrepreneurial path and moved to Monterrey where she launched her own modeling school.
During this experience she realized there was great potential for the fashion scene to grow, be nourished and fine-tuned in the northern Mexican Republic, therefore, she took this challenge as an opportunity and launched Blue Carpet: a platform that fused her two passions, fashion and philantropy.
Her platform consisted of workshops, fashion shows, lectures and events with international experts in the industry (designers, photographers, make up artists, stylist and models) as her guests. Blue Carpet’s intention was to entertain, engage and educate the local community while raising the standards of fashion in the region.

The favorable reviews inspired Anda to take a step further and by the second edition, she incorporated charity contributions into her program, teaming up with “Nuevo Amanecer”, a 30 year association offering rehabilitation therapies to kids that suffer from cerebral paralysis.
Overall, 2012 was a year in which different facets of Petrescu came into play, she took the role of a teacher in LCI, became a lecturer in TEC’s “Render” event and became the face of 2013’s Philantropy Foundation.

Anda was ready to activate her projects internationally, which lead to the creation of  Front Row  a 13-episode television series where she debuted as the producer and host.

In addition to fashion, her most recent and remarkable of milestones has been the restauration of one of the most prominent historic buildings of her hometown, Bucharest, which is projected to become the first private design and architecture institution in Romania. This passion project merges her vocation as an architect with her skilled and long career in the fashion industry.

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